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Polignac VS 40% 70cl

Polignac VS 40% 70cl

Polignac VS 40% 70cl

Price per liter: 58,60€
Country: France
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41,02 €
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Polignac VS 40% is a cognac from the renowned Cognac region in France, which is characterized by a unique taste and aroma. It is a distillate produced with the utmost care to ensure excellent quality and satisfaction of connoisseurs.

In the aroma of Polignac VS 40%, you can sense delicate fruit notes, such as peaches and apricots, which harmonize with subtle oak and vanilla accents. The taste of this cognac is a harmony between the sweetness of the fruit and the balanced oak structure.

Polignac VS 40% is perfect for self-tasting to appreciate its complex character and richness of taste. It can also be a base for creating unique cocktails and mixed drinks. For cognac lovers who appreciate elegance, tradition and unique taste, Polignac VS 40% is a great proposition to consider.