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Leijona Viina 32% 50cl PET

Leijona Viina 32% 50cl PET

Leijona Viina 32% 50cl PET

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Country: Finland
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Leijona Viina 32%: Finnish Vodka with Tradition and Character

Leijona Viina 32% is a renowned Finnish vodka that is recognized both in Poland and abroad. It is an alcohol that contains many aspects of Finnish culture and traditions.

What makes Leijon Viina 32% special?

Highest Quality: Leijona Viina is made from the highest quality ingredients, with attention to every detail of the production process. This guarantees excellent quality and taste.

Tradition: Leijona vodka has roots dating back to the 1950s, which makes it one of the classics among Finnish alcohols. This brand is a symbol of tradition and long-term experience.

Lightness and Smoothness: Despite its relatively moderate alcohol content (32%), Leijona Viina has a light and smooth taste. It is delicate, which makes it perfect for drinking pure.

Pure Character: Leijona Vodka is known for its purity and clarity. The distillation and filtration process removes all impurities, which translates into a crystal clear drink.

Viina with the Soul of the Finnish Landscape: Finland is famous for its pristine environment and unique raw materials. This affects the quality and character of Leijon Viina.

Multifunctional: Leijona Vodka can be tasted in many different ways. You can drink it pure, use it as a base for cocktails or enjoy its taste in various combinations.

Leijona Viina 32% is a vodka that is a symbol of Finnish drinking culture and tradition. If you are looking for a drink with a light taste and excellent quality, it is worth trying Leijona Viina. Discover the purity and delicacy of this vodka and enjoy its unique character.