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Larsen VS 40% 100cl

Larsen VS 40% 100cl

Larsen VS 40% 100cl

Price per liter: 50,98€
Country: France
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55,08 €
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Larsen VS 40% is a cognac from the renowned Cognac region of France, which is characterized by freshness, lightness and a mild flavor profile. It is a distillate ideal for everyday drinking, both in pure form and as an ingredient in cocktails.

In the aroma of Larsen VS you can see fruity notes such as apples, pears and delicate citrus accents. The taste of this cognac is subtle, with accents of sweet fruit, light vanilla and delicate spices. Its light structure makes it a pleasant distillate to drink, especially for people who do not necessarily prefer intense and complex drinks.

Larsen VS 40% is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a cognac with a mild and pleasant taste at a reasonable price. It can also be used as a base for preparing cocktails, adding fruity notes and subtle luxury.