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Koch Brandy VSOP 38% 70cl

Koch Brandy VSOP 38% 70cl

Koch Brandy VSOP 38% 70cl

Price per liter: 14,45€
Country: Finland
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10,11 €
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We invite you to discover unique taste journeys with Koch Brandy VSOP 38%. This brand delivers elegance and quality, and each sip of this cognac will take you to a world of deep aromas and balanced taste.

Koch Brandy VSOP is not just a drink - it is an expression of master craftsmanship and passion in the production of cognac. The alcohol content of 38% means that you can enjoy a unique experience without feeling too much alcohol.

  A mixture of carefully selected ingredients creates a harmonious aromatic bouquet that will introduce you to the world of fruit notes, oak and delicate spices. The long finish intensifies the taste sensations, leaving a warm trail after each sip.

Whether it's a relaxing evening or a special occasion - Koch Brandy VSOP 38% will always highlight moments worth celebrating. Discover the taste that will delight your senses. Experience Class, Passion and Taste with Koch Brandy VSOP 38%.