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Vol 38 Vodka 38% 50cl PET

Vol 38 Vodka 38% 50cl PET

Vol 38 Vodka 38% 50cl PET

Litran hinta: 18,45€
Maa: Estonia

8,65 €
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Vol 38 Vodka 38%: Purity and High Quality

Vol 38 Vodka is a unique vodka that stands out for its purity and unique taste. This vodka is perfect both for drinking pure and as a base for various cocktails.

Distinguishing features of Vol 38 Vodka 38%:

Alcohol Content: With an alcohol content of 38%, Vol 38 Vodka is perfectly balanced in terms of strength. It is not too strong, which allows you to enjoy its taste in various situations.

Purity and Clarity: This vodka undergoes a distillation process that ensures its purity and clarity. It is a perfect base for various cocktails and drinks.

Natural Taste: Vol 38 Vodka is distinguished by its natural taste and delicate aroma that comes from carefully selected ingredients.

Viina from Finland: Vol 38 Vodka is a product from Finland, a country known for producing high-quality alcohol. It is a symbol of the Finnish vodka-making tradition.

Viina for All Occasions: Thanks to its versatility, Vol 38 Vodka is perfect for various occasions, from social gatherings to moments of relaxation after a hard day.

Vol 38 Vodka 38% is a vodka that offers a combination of purity, quality and delicate taste. If you value vodkas with balanced flavors, this proposition will certainly satisfy you.