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Viru Valge 40% 10x50cl

Viru Valge 40% 10x50cl

Viru Valge 40% 10x50cl

Litran hinta: 25,26€
Maa: Estonia Estonia

101,98 €
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Discover the Essence of Viru Valge 40% - Elegance and Purity in One Glass!

The True Art of Estonia's Vodka

Viru Valge 40% is a unique vodka that stands out not only for its exceptional quality, but also for the history and tradition of Estonia. Known for its purity and delicacy, this vodka is the pride of a country that is renowned for its incredible natural and cultural beauty.

What makes Viru Valge 40% so special?

Unparalleled Purity: Viru Valge is distilled multiple times to achieve absolute purity and clarity. Every drop of this vodka is a guarantee of excellent taste and quality.

Natural Ingredients: Produced from the best local raw materials, Viru Valge 40% is a harmony of natural ingredients that brings a delicate, mild taste.

Tradition and Innovation: The combination of old, proven distillation techniques with a modern approach to production makes Viru Valge a vodka that continues the heritage of Estonia.

Who is Viru Valge 40% for?

Viru Valge 40% is a vodka for those who appreciate refined taste and want to experience true Estonian hospitality. It's the perfect choice for special occasions, social gatherings or just moments of relaxation after a hard day.

Join the Exclusive World of Viru Valge 40%!

Discover the magic of Estonia in every glass. Viru Valge 40% is not just vodka - it is a journey to the heart of the country waiting for you. See for yourself why Viru Valge is loved all over the world.

Let's raise a toast to special moments!

Viru Valge 40% - Purity, Elegance, Estonia.