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The Famous Grouse 40% 100cl

The Famous Grouse 40% 100cl

The Famous Grouse 40% 100cl

Litran hinta: 2,85€
Maa: Scotland

20,90 €
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The Famous Grouse 40% - The Legend of Scotch Whiskey

The Famous Grouse is a whiskey that has been a symbol of Scottish excellence for years. Its unparalleled taste and rich history attract whiskey lovers from all over the world.

This whiskey is the result of carefully selected distillates that are aged in oak barrels. It is a process that gives it a unique character and depth of taste. In the aroma, you will discover notes of honey, toffee and fruit that take you to the picturesque Scottish landscapes.

The Famous Grouse 40% is the perfect whiskey to enjoy its taste in many ways. You can drink it pure, add it to cocktails or enjoy its company during meetings with friends.

Join the group of those who appreciate the unique taste of Scotch whiskey. The Famous Grouse 40% is a true legend that deserves a place in your alcohol collection and on your palate.

See for yourself why The Famous Grouse is a brand that has gained worldwide recognition. It is a whiskey that combines tradition and modernity, creating a perfect drink for true connoisseurs