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Tanqueray Sevilla 41,3% 70cl

Tanqueray Sevilla 41,3% 70cl

Tanqueray Sevilla 41,3% 70cl

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Tanqueray Sevilla is a 41.3% alcohol gin that is often associated with juicy oranges and freshness. Here is some information about it:

1. Taste and Aroma: Tanqueray Sevilla is distinguished by its unique, fruity taste and aroma. Its aroma is dominated by notes of fresh oranges, both peel and juicy pulp. This is a gin with an intense and refreshing character.

2. Alcohol content: The alcohol content of 41.3% gives Tanqueray Sevilla an appropriate strength that highlights the flavor of orange and other ingredients.

3. Ingredients: In addition to the traditional gin ingredients, Tanqueray Sevilla also contains fresh Sevilla oranges, which give it a unique flavor. This makes this gin unique among other gins.

4. Cocktails: Tanqueray Sevilla is an excellent choice for preparing various types of cocktails, especially those that require refreshment and a fruity taste. It's great with tonic and also works well in classic drinks like Gin and Tonic.

5. Upscale Choice: This is a gin that is suitable for summer gatherings and celebrations. Its juicy taste and color give it elegance.

6. Bottle and Packaging: Tanqueray Sevilla is often packaged in distinctive bottles decorated with a red label that refers to the color of the Sevilla orange.

Tanqueray Sevilla is a gin that attracts the attention of gin lovers with its unique orange flavor. It is a perfect choice for summer evenings and occasions when you want to enjoy a juicy and refreshing gin.