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Stroh 80% 100cl

Stroh 80% 100cl

Stroh 80% 100cl

Litran hinta: 6,01€
Maa: Austria

53,18 €
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Stroh 80 is an Austrian alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of 80%, known as spice rum. Here is a brief characterization of this product:

Alcohol content: Stroh 80 is one of the strongest alcoholic drinks on the market, containing up to 80% alcohol. This high alcohol content makes it extremely strong and unsuitable for pure consumption. It is usually used as an ingredient in drinks or in food preparation.

Aromas and Flavors: Stroh 80 has a distinctive flavor and aroma dominated by spicy, herbal and fruity notes. It contains strong accents of cinnamon, cloves and other spices, which gives it an intense and distinctive flavor profile.

Usage: Due to its high alcohol content, Stroh 80 is rarely consumed pure. It is often used as an addition to drinks, cocktails and various dishes in which it affects the taste and aroma of the dish.

Origin: Stroh 80 comes from Austria, where it has its roots. The Stroh brand is known for producing various types of spirits, and Stroh 80 is one of their popular versions.

Warning: Due to its very high alcohol content, consumption of Stroh 80 should be treated with caution. Excess consumption can be dangerous and lead to serious health effects.

To sum up, Stroh 80 is a strong alcoholic drink from Austria with a characteristic taste and spicy aroma. Due to its intense nature, it is often used as an additive to drinks and dishes, adding a distinctive taste and aroma.