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Sierra Tequila Reposado 38% 100cl

Sierra Tequila Reposado 38% 100cl

Sierra Tequila Reposado 38% 100cl

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Maa: Mexico

36,08 €
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Sierra Tequila Reposado 38% is a Mexican tequila from the Reposado category, which means that it has been aged in oak barrels for a certain period of time, which affects its taste, aroma and color. Here are some features that characterize Sierra Tequila Reposado 38%:

Origin: Sierra Tequila is produced in Mexico, in the Jalisco region, which is considered the cradle of tequila. Mexico has a long tradition of producing this traditional Mexican alcohol.

Ingredients: Sierra Reposado Tequila is made from blue agave, the basic raw material for tequila production. Blue agave is carefully selected and hand-picked on the distillery's plantations.

Aging process: A key element of the production process of this tequila is the aging process in oak barrels, which usually lasts from several months to a year. This process gives it its golden color and developed flavor.

Taste and Aroma: Sierra Tequila Reposado has a balanced taste with notes of oak, vanilla, nuts, and delicate spices. The aroma is extensive, with subtle notes of fruit and vanilla.

Cocktails: Tequila Reposado is often consumed neat or as an ingredient in cocktails, especially those that call for tequila with a slightly woody flavor. It is a popular ingredient in Margarita and Paloma cocktails.

Bottle and Design: The Sierra Tequila Reposado bottle has a distinctive design that references Mexican culture and landscape. The distinctive label contains information about the origin of the tequila.

Global Popularity: Sierra Tequila is one of the most popular tequila brands on the market and is recognized among tequila lovers for its quality and taste.

Sierra Tequila Reposado 38% is a tequila that is appreciated for its balanced flavor balance and quality. It is perfect for tasting and preparing cocktails, especially those that require tequila with a delicate wood flavor.