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Sierra Tequila Margaita Supreme 15% 70cl

Sierra Tequila Margaita Supreme 15% 70cl

Sierra Tequila Margaita Supreme 15% 70cl

Litran hinta: 65,12€
Maa: Mexico

54,38 €
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Sierra Tequila Margarita Supreme 15% is a ready-made tequila-based cocktail, specially created for preparing the popular Margarita cocktail. This is a convenient option for lovers of this classic drink because it does not require mixing different ingredients. Here is some information about Sierra Tequila Margarita Supreme:

Origin: Margarita Supreme is produced by Sierra Tequila, which is known for its production of Mexican tequila. Mexico, especially the Jalisco region, is considered the birthplace of tequila.

Ingredients: This ready-made cocktail contains a mixture of tequila, orange and lemon liqueur, and sugar syrup. The tequila used to produce this cocktail is made in Mexico and is subject to rigorous quality standards.

Taste and Aroma: Margarita Supreme has the characteristic taste of Margarita, which combines the sweetness of orange liqueur with lemon acidity and notes of tequila. It is a sweet and fruity cocktail with a distinct tequila flavor.

Alcohol Percentage: Sierra Tequila Margarita Supreme has an alcohol content of 15%. This means that it is relatively mild in terms of alcohol, making it a suitable option for those who prefer lower alcohol cocktails.

Preparation: Preparing a Margarita from this cocktail is very simple. Just chill it in the fridge or serve it over ice in a cocktail glass. You can also decorate the rim of the glass with salt or sugar and a slice of lemon or lime.

Bottle and Design: The cocktail is available in aesthetic bottles that refer to traditional Mexican designs and the distinctive label of the Sierra Tequila brand.

Sierra Tequila Margarita Supreme 15% is an excellent choice for people who appreciate the taste of Margarita, but are looking for a ready-made and easy-to-serve solution.