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Saaremaa vodka 40 % 50cl PET

Saaremaa vodka 40 % 50cl PET

Saaremaa vodka 40 % 50cl PET

Litran hinta: 19,57€
Maa: Estonia

9,79 €
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Saaremaa Vodka 40%: Finnish Elegance in a Bottle

Saaremaa Vodka 40% is a Finnish vodka that combines tradition, purity and elegance. It is alcohol produced from the highest quality ingredients, which translates into excellent taste and brand reputation.

Distinguishing features of Saaremaa Vodka 40%:

Purity of Sources: Saaremaa is an island in the Baltic Sea, known for its clean environment. This vodka draws its clarity and purity from this extraordinary location.

Production Tradition: Saaremaa Vodka is produced according to traditional distillation methods that date back many decades. It is a combination of heritage and modern production techniques.

Delicate Taste: Despite its relatively high alcohol content (40%), Saaremaa Vodka has a delicate taste. It is smooth and mild, which makes it suitable for drinking pure.

Multifunctionality: This vodka is perfect both for drinking pure and as a base for preparing various cocktails. Its neutral taste makes it versatile in use.

Drinking Culture: Saaremaa Vodka 40% is a symbol of Finnish drinking culture. It is an alcohol that perfectly reflects the spirit and character of this country.

Saaremaa Vodka 40% is a drink that combines tradition, quality and elegance. This is a proposition for those who appreciate vodkas with a delicate taste, but do not sacrifice quality. Try Saaremaa Vodka and discover Finnish purity in every sip.