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Saaremaa Dry Gin 37,5% 70cl

Saaremaa Dry Gin 37,5% 70cl

Saaremaa Dry Gin 37,5% 70cl

Litran hinta: 1,44€
Maa: Estonia Estonia

12,12 €
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Saaremaa Dry Gin is a unique gin produced on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. Here is some information about this gin:

1. Taste and Aroma: Saaremaa Dry Gin is characterized by a balanced taste and aroma. It is a gin with distinct notes of juniper, which gives it a characteristic, slightly spicy taste. Its flavor profile also includes subtle citrus and herbal notes that give it a fresh and refined taste.

2. Alcohol percentage: Saaremaa Dry Gin has an alcohol content of 37.5%, which is typical for gins and makes it suitable both for drinking neat and for mixing in cocktails.

3. Ingredients: Saaremaa Gin is distilled from the highest quality raw materials. In addition to juniper berries and citrus peels, it also contains traditional herbs and spices that give it a unique taste.

4. Production: Saaremaa Dry Gin is produced in a small distillery on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia. The production process is carefully supervised to ensure excellent quality and taste.

5. Occasions: This gin is a great choice for many occasions. You can enjoy it with friends, at an elegant party or just during a relaxing evening at home.

6. Cocktails: Because Saaremaa Dry Gin has a distinct and balanced flavor, it is an excellent ingredient for preparing a variety of cocktails. You can use it to create classic cocktails, such as Gin and Tonic, or experiment by creating your own compositions.

Saaremaa Dry Gin is a real gem in the world of gins, offering a unique taste and aroma. This is a gin that will be appreciated by both lovers of classic gin flavors and those who like to experiment in the world of cocktails.