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Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo 37,5% 100cl

Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo 37,5% 100cl

Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo 37,5% 100cl

Litran hinta: 41,78€
Maa: Dominican Republic

41,78 €
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Journey to Dominican Elegance with Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo 37.5%!

Discover the perfection and elegance of Dominican rum in our unique Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo. It is a drink that enriches every moment with its full taste and depth of aromas.

Basic Features:

The unique taste of Anejo: Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo is a combination of aging in oak barrels and the experience of the master distiller, which gives it a rich taste and exceptional smoothness.

Alcohol Content: An alcohol content of 37.5% makes this rum perfectly balanced and perfect for tasting.

Aromatic Bouquet: Immerse yourself in an aromatic bouquet that includes notes of vanilla, caramel, and tropical fruits. It's a scent that awakens the senses.

Dominican Tradition: Ron Barcelo is one of the most renowned Dominican rum brands that combines distilling tradition with a modern approach.

Perfect both solo and in cocktails: Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo is perfect for consumption on its own, as a tasting drink, but also provides an excellent base for preparing unique cocktails.

Why Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo?

Dominican Excellence: This rum is a tribute to the excellence and elegance of Dominican distilling craftsmanship.

Tradition and Innovation: Ron Barcelo combines the tradition of rum making with modern techniques and approaches to create something truly unique.

Elegant Packaging: The Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo bottle is not only a container for the drink, it is also a work of art that will decorate every evening.

Dominican Sun Reminder: Every sip is a journey to the sunny Dominican Republic and delight in the sun's rays.

Discover the elegance and taste of the Dominican Republic with Ron Barcelo Gran Anejo 37.5% - a rum that defines a new dimension of tasting. Enjoy every sip.