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Reviseur VS 40% 100cl

Reviseur VS 40% 100cl

Reviseur VS 40% 100cl

Litran hinta: 7,91€
Maa: France

47,48 €
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Reviseur VS 40% is a cognac from the French land of Cognac, which impresses with its refined quality and rich taste. It is a combination of a careful tradition of cognac production with a modern approach to quality and taste.

In the aroma of Reviseur VS 40%, you can sense subtle fruit notes, such as peach and apple, which harmoniously combine with delicate spices. During the tasting, you will discover an extremely balanced taste, in which fruity accents are balanced by a distinct oak character. It is a cognac that presents delicacy and elegance in every sip.

The Reviser VS 40% is great for solo drinking, highlighting its exceptional quality, and can also be used to create a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks. This is an offer for cognac lovers who are looking for subtlety, deep flavor and luxury in all nuances.