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Polignac XO 40% 70cl

Polignac XO 40% 70cl

Polignac XO 40% 70cl

Litran hinta: 103,43€
Maa: France

72,40 €
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Polignac XO 40% is a unique cognac from the renowned Cognac region of France, which represents excellent quality and elegance. It is a distillate that results from a careful distillation process and a long period of aging, which gives it a deep and complex flavor profile.

In the aroma of Polignac XO you can find a wealth of fruit aromas, such as prunes, figs and apricots, which are intertwined with delicate citrus notes. On the palate, this cognac offers a harmony between the sweetness of fruit and elegant touches of oak, vanilla and spices.

Polignac XO 40% is a distillate that can be tasted on its own to appreciate its complexity and refined character. The bottle with a capacity of 40% makes it also a perfect gift for cognac lovers who appreciate a luxurious and unique drink.