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Polignac VSOP 40% 70cl

Polignac VSOP 40% 70cl

Polignac VSOP 40% 70cl

Litran hinta: 69,19€
Maa: France

48,43 €
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Polignac VSOP 40% is an elegant cognac from the renowned Cognac region of France, which represents exceptional quality and subtlety. It is a distillate that has been carefully produced to preserve the rich flavor and aroma characteristic of this region.

In the aroma of Polignac VSOP 40%, you can discern delicate fruit notes, such as prunes, apricots and dates, which are intertwined with elegant oak and vanilla accents. The taste of this cognac is well balanced between the sweetness of fruit and the subtlety of spices and oak structure.

Polignac VSOP 40% is great for solo tasting to appreciate its refined flavor profile. It can also be a base for creating cocktails and mixed drinks, adding notes of luxury to them. For cognac lovers who are looking for the perfect combination of taste and elegance, Polignac VSOP 40% may be an interesting choice.