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Mulgi Viin 40% 50cl PET

Mulgi Viin 40% 50cl PET

Mulgi Viin 40% 50cl PET

Litran hinta: 18,45€
Maa: Estonia

6,43 €
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Mulgi Viin is a traditional Estonian vodka that is often considered a national and cultural symbol of Estonia. The name "Mulgi Viin" refers to the Mulgimaa region, which is located in the southern part of Estonia and is known for its rich history and traditions.

Here are some features that characterize Mulgi Viin 40%:

Origin: Mulgi Viin vodka comes from Estonia, where it has a long history of alcohol production. It is a cultural product that has significance for the local community.

Ingredients: Mulgi Viin is traditionally made from agricultural raw materials such as grain or potatoes. These ingredients give vodka its characteristic taste.

Production process: The production process of Mulgi Viin is often passed down from generation to generation and is based on traditional distillation techniques. Vodka is distilled multiple times to achieve high quality and clarity.

Taste: Mulgi Viin usually has a delicate, mild taste that is typical of traditional Estonian vodkas. It may have subtle grain or potato notes, but is overall mild and pleasant.

Cultural significance: Mulgi Viin has cultural significance in Estonia and is often associated with the traditions and customs of the Mulgimaa region. It is an alcohol that is often consumed during local celebrations and holidays.

Popularity: While Mulgi Viin is a cultural treasure of Estonia, it is also available to alcohol lovers around the world who want to sample traditional Estonian flavor.

Mulgi Viin is not only alcohol, it is also a symbol of local Estonian culture and heritage. If you are interested in traditional spirits and would like to experience the taste of this region, Mulgi Viin may be a fascinating choice.