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Marskin Ryyppy 40% 50cl

Marskin Ryyppy 40% 50cl

Marskin Ryyppy 40% 50cl

Litran hinta: 6,33€
Maa: Finland

37,98 €
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Marskin Ryyppy 40% is a Finnish vodka that is also known as "Marskens Vodka" or "Marskens snaps". This vodka is named after the Finnish Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, who was an important figure in Finnish history. Marskin Ryyppy is known for its popularity among Finns and is often associated with Finnish culture and tradition. Here are some features that characterize Marskin Ryyppy 40%:

Origin: Marskin Ryyppy comes from Finland, a country with a long tradition of vodka production. The name of the product refers to Marshal Mannerheim, who was an important national hero.

Ingredients: This vodka is usually made from natural ingredients such as grain or potatoes, which are widely available in Finland.

Production Process: Marskin Ryyppy is distilled multiple times and then aromatized using herbs and spices. This is the process that gives vodka its characteristic taste and aroma.

Taste and Aroma: Marskin Ryyppy has a unique flavor that is often described as herbal and spicy. It may contain various ingredients such as anise, fennel, licorice root and others that give it a unique flavor profile.

Tradition and Culture: Marskin Ryyppy is often eaten during various Finnish celebrations and national holidays, such as Independence Day. It is a drink that has deep cultural roots in Finland.

Consumption: Marskin Ryyppy is often consumed in the form of a "ryyppa," which is a small glass that is passed during toasts and celebrations.

Bottle Design: Marskin Ryyppy bottles often have a simple and traditional design that reflects the history and heritage of the brand.

Marskin Ryyppy 40% is a vodka that is important to the culture and traditions of Finland and often used for celebrations and during important moments in the lives of Finnish people.