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Makulu White 12,5% 300cl BiB

Makulu White 12,5% 300cl BiB

Makulu White 12,5% 300cl BiB

Litran hinta: 3,03€
Maa: South Africa

9,09 €
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Immerse yourself in the lightness and elegance of taste with Makulu White 12.5%. This is an exceptional white wine that raises the standards of refined tasting and enjoyment.

Discover the subtle aromas of white fruits and flowers that unfold in the bouquet of this wine - from delicate pear notes to fresh floral accents. The taste of Makulu White is harmonious and delicate, offering a balanced combination of fruity freshness and soft acidity.

Let this wine accompany you during celebrations, meetings with friends or romantic evenings. Makulu White 12.5% is a flavor delicacy that fits perfectly with various occasions. Discover the unique taste of Makulu White and enjoy every glass.