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Lordson Dry Gin 37,5% 70cl

Lordson Dry Gin 37,5% 70cl

Lordson Dry Gin 37,5% 70cl

Litran hinta: 14,45€
Maa: GB

10,11 €
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"Lordson Dry Gin 37.5% - Your Introduction to the Elegance of Gin"

Are you ready for a unique journey through the world of gin, which will allow you to discover extraordinary flavor richness with a touch of class and sophistication? Get to know Lordson Dry Gin 37.5% - a gin that combines tradition with modernity, providing an unforgettable taste experience.

Elegance in Every Glass:

Lordson Dry Gin 37.5% is a gin that stands out for its delicacy and balanced taste.

A note of juniper and subtle citrus accents create flavor harmony.

Alcohol Content:

The alcohol content of 37.5% makes our gin an ideal choice both for drinking neat and as a base for top-quality cocktails.

Recipe Refined by Time:

The traditional recipe is passed down from generation to generation and is the secret of our exceptional quality.

Each glass of Lordson Dry Gin 37.5% contains over a century of experience.

Exclusive Selection:

This is a gin suitable for special occasions, romantic moments and meetings with loved ones.

Lordson Dry Gin 37.5% is a gin for those who value elegance and uniqueness.

Join us on a Journey through the World of Taste and Try Lordson Dry Gin 37.5%!