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Larsen XO Giftbox 40% 100cl

Larsen XO Giftbox 40% 100cl

Larsen XO Giftbox 40% 100cl

Litran hinta: 3,54€
Maa: France

95,18 €
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Larsen XO Giftbox 40% is a unique cognac that is distinguished by both excellent taste and elegant packaging. This is a product from the Cognac region in France, where the highest quality distillates have been produced for centuries.

In Larsen XO Giftbox 40% you can find a rich aromatic bouquet dominated by notes of dried fruit, vanilla, nuts and delicate spices. In taste, this cognac impresses with its smoothness and balanced character, in which fruit accents harmonize with the oak aftertaste.

Presented in an elegant box, Larsen XO Giftbox 40% is the perfect gift choice for cognac connoisseurs and lovers. Both the taste and packaging make this product unique and noteworthy. This is an offer for those who appreciate not only excellent taste, but also aesthetics and elegance.