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Koskenkorva Vodka 40% 100cl

Koskenkorva Vodka 40% 100cl

Koskenkorva Vodka 40% 100cl

Litran hinta: 1,64€
Maa: Finland

16,59 €
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Koskenkorva Vodka 40%: Pure and Exceptional

Koskenkorva Vodka 40% is a Finnish vodka known for its simplicity and exceptional purity. Here are some features that characterize this vodka:

Location: Koskenkorva is a small town located in western Finland. This is where this unique vodka comes from and has been produced for over 60 years.

Ingredients: Koskenkorva Vodka is distilled from Finnish barley and pure spring water. These ingredients give the vodka a delicate and subtle taste.

Production Process: The distillation process of Koskenkorva Vodka is carefully controlled to ensure quality and purity. The water used for production comes from a local intake.

Pure Taste: Koskenkorva Vodka is known for its pure taste. It contains no artificial flavors or additives, which makes it perfect for drinking pure or as a base for cocktails.

Perfect for cold drinks: This vodka tastes best chilled. You can serve it straight from the freezer or over ice.

Cult in Finland: Koskenkorva Vodka is one of the most recognizable and appreciated Finnish alcohols. It is the pride of the native culture and is often chosen by people looking for a pure and natural taste.

Responsible Consumption: Remember that alcohol should be consumed in moderation and in accordance with the regulations in force in your region. Koskenkorva Vodka 40% is an excellent choice for people who value the pure taste of vodka.

Koskenkorva Vodka 40% is a drink that stands out for its simplicity and authentic taste. If you are a fan of pure-tasting vodka, this Finnish classic is worth trying.