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Koskenkorva Viina 38% 100cl PET

Koskenkorva Viina 38% 100cl PET

Koskenkorva Viina 38% 100cl PET

Litran hinta: 1,50€
Maa: Finland

17,21 €
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Koskenkorva Viina 38%: Renowned Pure Vodka from Finland

Koskenkorva Viina 38% is a renowned and respected vodka produced in the heart of Finland, in the town of Koskenkorva. This unique vodka has gained recognition on both the domestic and international markets due to its exceptional quality and tradition that dates back over a hundred years.

What makes Koskenkorva Viina 38% special?

Natural Ingredients: Koskenkorva vodka is made from the highest quality barley, which is grown on Finnish fields. It is one of the few vodkas in the world that is distilled from natural ingredients, without the use of sugar or artificial additives.

Purity and Clarity: Koskenkorva Viina is characterized by extraordinary purity and clarity. The distillation and filtration process ensures that every drop of this vodka is crystal clear.

Delicate Taste: Despite its relatively high alcohol content (38%), Koskenkorva Viina has a delicate and smooth taste that is slightly sweet and slightly grainy. This makes it perfect for drinking pure.

Tradition and History: The Koskenkorva brand has a long history dating back to 1953. Producers attach great importance to maintaining traditions and original recipes that are passed down from generation to generation.

Viina from Finland: Finland is known for its unique raw materials and clean environment, which contributes to the quality of Koskenkorva Viina. This is a vodka with the soul and character of the Finnish landscape.

Multifunctionality: Koskenkorva Viina vodka is versatile and perfect for drinking pure, as a base ingredient in cocktails or for tasting at room temperature.

Koskenkorva Viina 38% is a vodka that deserves the attention of lovers of pure, high-quality alcohol. If you are looking for something that represents the excellence and tradition of distillation, this Finnish vodka is worth trying. Discover the delicacy and purity of Koskenkorva Viina 38% during your tasting.