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Koch Vol 79 Vodka 79% 50cl PET

Koch Vol 79 Vodka 79% 50cl PET

Koch Vol 79 Vodka 79% 50cl PET

Litran hinta: 30,73€
Maa: Estonia

7,69 €
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Vol 79 Vodka 79%: Power and high quality

Vol 79 Vodka is a unique vodka that is distinguished by its purity and unique taste. This vodka is perfect both for drinking and as a base for various cocktails.

Distinguishing features of Vol 79 79% vodka:

Alcohol content: With an alcohol content of 79%, Vol 79 vodka is perfectly balanced in terms of strength. Its strength and wide use in drinks is highly appreciated, which allows you to enjoy its taste in various situations.

Purity and clarity: This vodka undergoes a distillation process that ensures its purity and clarity. It is an excellent base for a variety of cocktails and drinks.

Natural Taste: Vol 79 vodka is distinguished by its natural taste, strength and delicate aroma, which comes from carefully selected ingredients.

Viina from Finland: Vol 79 Vodka is a product from Finland, a country famous for the production of high-quality alcohol. It is a symbol of the Finnish vodka production tradition.

Viina for every occasion: Thanks to its versatility, Vol 79 Vodka is perfect for a variety of occasions, from socializing to moments of relaxation after a hard day.

Vol 79 Vodka 79% is a vodka offering a combination of purity, strength, quality and delicate taste. If you value vodkas with high strength and balanced flavors, this proposition will certainly satisfy you.