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Koch Brandy XO 38% 50cl Glass

Koch Brandy XO 38% 50cl Glass

Koch Brandy XO 38% 50cl Glass

Litran hinta: 3,26€
Maa: Estonia

9,79 €
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Discover an extraordinary taste experience thanks to Koch Brandy XO 38% - master cognac aged with passion and precision. Our liquor is the fruit of many years of tradition and a unique selection of ingredients that have combined to create an unforgettable flavor profile. From aromatic notes of dried fruit to deep accents of oak, vanilla and spices - each sip is a journey to the land of refined flavors.

Koch Brandy XO is the choice of people who appreciate elegance and quality in every detail. The alcohol content of 38% gives this cognac a delicacy, allowing you to discover the full flavor in a balanced and pleasant way. Its long finish emphasizes the complex flavors, and the elegant packaging is the perfect gift for those who value unique experiences.

Enjoy moments of relaxation and refined meetings in the company of Koch Brandy XO 38%. Experience the taste that reflects the careful aging and passion of the manufacturer. It's more than just a drink - it's an immersion into a world full of flavor nuances. Koch Brandy XO 38% - elegance in every sip.