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Koch Alfalfa 40% 35cl

Koch Alfalfa 40% 35cl

Koch Alfalfa 40% 35cl

Litran hinta: 40,85€
Maa: Estonia

14,30 €
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Koch Alfalfa 40% - Vodka of Elegance in Dark Note

Taste Nobility

Koch Alfalfa 40% is the essence of luxury and unique taste that transcends the boundaries of tradition. It's not just vodka - it's a journey through time and taste that reveals a new dimension of elegance to you.

Dark Color, Delicate Taste

Dark Pearl Color: Koch Alfalfa surprises us with its deep, dark color that brings out mystical mystery from the glass. This is a real pearl among vodkas.

Delicate Taste and Expression: There is a flavor in this bottle that is one of a kind. It is a combination of delicacy and expressiveness that conquers the senses with every sip.

Koch Alfalfa 40% - For Taste Connoisseurs

It is a vodka for those who appreciate refined taste and unique character. This is the choice of people who want to experience something new and unforgettable.

Feel the Magic of Taste

Koch Alfalfa 40% is not only alcohol, it is a unique taste that accompanies you in special moments. Discover your unique elegance and emphasize your lifestyle.

Bring a bit of magic into your life.

Koch Alfalfa 40% - Delicacy in a Dark Edition.