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Jalokahvi 28% 50cl PET

Jalokahvi 28% 50cl PET

Jalokahvi 28% 50cl PET

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Maa: Finland

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"Jalokahvi - Café Delicacy with a Note of Luxury"

Jalokahvi is a unique coffee liqueur that combines the intense flavor of coffee with a delicate hint of luxury. It is an ideal liquor for coffee lovers who want to enrich their cooking with a new dimension of taste. Here are some characteristics of Jalokahvi:

Intense Coffee Taste: Jalokahvi is a real paradise for coffee lovers. Its intense coffee flavor is rich and balanced at the same time, providing a real taste experience.

Subtle Notes of Luxury: It's not just coffee - Jalokahvi also has subtle notes of luxury that give it a unique character. It is an excellent choice for evening meetings by the fireplace or as an addition to desserts.

28% Alcohol: The 28% alcohol content makes Jalokahvi a perfectly balanced liqueur that can be consumed on its own or as an ingredient in a variety of cocktails and drinks.

Versatility: Jalokahvi goes perfectly with coffee, desserts, ice cream or even cocktails. You can add it to your favorite recipes to give them a unique flavor.

Elegant Packaging: Jalokahvi liqueur is available in an elegant bottle that looks great on the shelf and is perfect as a gift.

Jalokahvi is an extremely tasty and luxurious coffee liqueur that will revive your senses. Whether you're a coffee lover or just looking for a new, unique flavor, Jalokahvi is a great choice. Try it and experience the unique combination of coffee aroma with a delicate touch of luxury.