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Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka 38% 100cl

Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka 38% 100cl

Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka 38% 100cl

Litran hinta: 19,67€
Maa: Poland

19,67 €
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Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka 38% is a unique flavored vodka produced in Poland. It is known for the use of natural ingredients, including bison grass (hierochloe odorata), which gives it its distinctive flavor. Here are some features that characterize Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka 38%:

Origin: Grasovka is a Polish vodka brand, and the production of Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka takes place in Poland, a country with a long tradition of alcohol production.

Natural Ingredients: The most characteristic ingredient of Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka is bison grass (hierochloe odorata), which is also known as bison grass. It is a natural flavorant that gives vodka a unique taste.

Production Process: Vodka is distilled multiple times and then flavored with bison grass. This process allows you to obtain a unique taste and aroma.

Taste and Aroma: Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka has a characteristic taste with notes of bison grass, which make it delicate and subtle. The taste is balanced, slightly sweet and fruity.

Cocktails: This vodka is perfect for preparing cocktails and drinks. It is often used to create a variety of fruit and herbal drinks.

Bottle Design: The Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka bottle has a distinctive design, with a bison-shaped pendant on the neck of the bottle, which is a reference to Polish tradition and culture.

Global Popularity: Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka is available worldwide and is appreciated by spirits lovers for its uniqueness and authenticity.

Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka 38% is a vodka that may be of interest to lovers of alcohols with a unique taste and aroma. If you are curious about new taste experiences and experimenting with cocktails, Grasovka Bisongrass Vodka may be a fascinating choice.