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Glen Talloch Whiskey 40% 70cl

Glen Talloch Whiskey 40% 70cl

Glen Talloch Whiskey 40% 70cl

Litran hinta: 22,47€
Maa: Scotland

15,73 €
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Glen Talloch Whiskey is a popular blended Scotch whiskey with an alcohol content of 40%. Here are the characteristics of this whiskey:

Aroma: In the aroma of Glen Talloch Whiskey you can notice fruity notes, including apples and pears, which give it a sweetish and fruity character. In addition, there are delicate notes of vanilla and honey that add subtlety to it.

Taste: The taste of this whiskey is mild and balanced. The sweet profile is dominant, with hints of fruit, honey and caramel. It is a smooth tasting whiskey, which makes it easy to drink and can appeal to both novice whiskey lovers and more experienced tasters.

Finish: The finish of Glen Talloch Whiskey is medium long and mellow. After tasting, it leaves a delicate aftertaste of sweetness and honey.

Composition: This is a blended whiskey, which means it is a blend of different single malt and grain whiskey distillates. It is composed in such a way as to obtain a consistent flavor profile.

Packaging: Glen Talloch Whiskey is often available in elegant packaging, making it a popular gift choice.

Price: This whiskey comes at an affordable price, making it an attractive choice for those who want to try a good Scotch whiskey without spending a lot of money.

Glen Talloch Whiskey is considered a mild and friendly whiskey that is great for drinking "on the rocks" or as an ingredient in many cocktails. Its mildness and subtle flavor make it popular in many countries and appreciated by a wide range of whiskey lovers.