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Glen Talloch Peated 40% 70cl

Glen Talloch Peated 40% 70cl

Glen Talloch Peated 40% 70cl

Litran hinta: 18,50€
Maa: Scotland

15,98 €
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Glen Talloch Peated is a blended Scotch whiskey that is distinguished by its delicate, smoky character. Here are the characteristics of this whiskey:

How it's made: Glen Talloch Peated is a blended whiskey, which means it's a blend of different distillates from different distilleries. Its characteristic feature is the addition of peat, which gives it a delicate, smoky taste. This whiskey is aged in oak barrels, which gives it depth of flavor and aroma.

Aroma: The aroma of this whiskey is noticeable with a delicate peat smoke, which harmoniously harmonizes with the notes of barley malt. You can also sense subtle notes of fruit and vanilla.

Taste: Glen Talloch Peated has a mild and pleasant taste, with a slight peat smoke in the foreground. The smokiness is balanced by malt notes that add sweetness. In the background you can see subtle notes of fruit and caramel.

Finish: The finish of this whiskey is medium long, with a slight smoky aftertaste and slight hints of oak.

Summary: Glen Talloch Peated is a whiskey that offers a smooth and balanced taste with a distinctive smoky accent. The smokiness is not overpowering, making it a good whiskey for those just beginning to explore peaty flavor profiles. It can be consumed pure or used in various cocktails.

Usage: This whiskey is drinkable neat, for example on ice or at room temperature. It can also be used in a variety of cocktails, especially those that require a slight smokiness.

All in all, Glen Talloch Peated is a smooth blended whiskey with a subtle smoky character that is perfect for those who appreciate smoky flavor profiles but don't necessarily want too much.