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Georgian Legend Grape Chacha 40% 50cl

Georgian Legend Grape Chacha 40% 50cl

Georgian Legend Grape Chacha 40% 50cl

Litran hinta: 32,10€
Maa: Georgia

16,05 €
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"Georgian Legend Grape Chacha 40%" is a branded Georgian distilled vodka that is popular in Georgia and neighboring regions. Chacha is a type of wine distillate, similar to grappa, which is made from fermented must or grape residues. Here are some characteristics of "Georgian Legend Grape Chacha 40%":

Georgian Tradition: Chacha is Georgia's traditional liquor that has a long history and deep-rooted cultural significance. It is often eaten during various celebrations and celebrations.

Ingredients: Chacha is made from grape must, which means grapes are the main ingredient. Differences in the taste and character of Chacha may be due to the different grape varieties used in its production.

Distillation Process: Chacha is distilled, which means it undergoes a distillation process to separate the alcohol from the leftover grapes and achieve a higher alcohol content.

Alcohol Strength: "Georgian Legend Grape Chacha 40%" is Chacha with an alcohol content of 40%, which is the standard alcohol level for this type of distillate. This means that it is a relatively strong alcohol.

Aroma and Taste: Chacha has a distinct flavor and aroma that may have fruity, floral or grainy notes, depending on the grape variety and the distillation process. It is an alcohol that can be very diverse in taste.

Cultural Significance: Chacha has great cultural significance in Georgia and is often associated with the traditions and customs of the region.

Ingestion: Chacha can be consumed in many ways, from drinking it pure to using it as an ingredient in smoothies. It is an alcohol that often accompanies traditional Georgian dishes.

"Georgian Legend Grape Chacha 40%" is a product that is often chosen by people interested in traditional spirits and Georgian culture.