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Finlandia Lime 37,5% 100cl

Finlandia Lime 37,5% 100cl

Finlandia Lime 37,5% 100cl

Litran hinta: 19,05€
Maa: Finland

19,05 €
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Finlandia Lime 37.5% is a flavored variety of the Finnish Finlandia vodka, known for its quality and tradition in the production of alcohol. This version is flavored with natural lime extract, which gives it a distinctive fruity flavor. Here are some features that characterize Finlandia Lime 37.5% 100cl:

Origin: Finlandia is a brand of vodka from Finland, a country known for its clean water and nature. Finland is often associated with the production of premium vodkas.

Natural Ingredients: Finlandia Lime is flavored with natural lime extract, which gives it a distinct fruit flavor. These ingredients are carefully selected to maintain quality and authenticity.

Production Process: Vodka is distilled multiple times and then flavored with natural lime extract. This process allows you to obtain a unique taste and aroma.

Taste and Aroma: Finlandia Lime 37.5% is characterized by an intense lime aroma and sweet fruit notes. The taste is equally juicy, citrusy and refreshing.

Cocktails: This vodka is perfect for preparing cocktails and fruity drinks. It is often used to create a variety of citrus-flavored drinks.

Bottle and Design: The Finlandia Lime bottle retains the distinctive design of the Finlandia brand, with a simple and modern label.

Global Popularity: Finlandia is available all over the world and is appreciated by alcohol lovers for its quality, taste and prestige.

Finlandia Lime 37.5% is a vodka that may be of interest to lovers of fruit flavors and cocktails. It is a perfect choice for summer parties or occasions when you want to enjoy the freshness of citrus fruits.