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Eichbaum Helles 5% 24 x 50cl

Eichbaum Helles 5% 24 x 50cl

Eichbaum Helles 5% 24 x 50cl

14,98 € 15,98€
Litran hinta: 1,33€
Maa: Deutschland

14,98 €
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Eichbaum Helles 5% is a beer with a classic taste, characterized by an alcohol content of 5%. The beer has a light, golden color and a delicate aromatic bouquet. In the bouquet, you can feel malt notes and subtle hop accents that create a balanced and refreshing flavor profile. Eichbaum Helles 5% is an excellent choice for lovers of traditional beers who want to enjoy a simple but distinctive taste. This beer is a perfect companion for moments of relaxation, meetings with friends or celebrations of various occasions. Discover the authentic taste of Eichbaum Helles 5% and experience the beer charm of Germany.