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Dalwhinnie 15YO SHM 43% 70cl

Dalwhinnie 15YO SHM 43% 70cl

Dalwhinnie 15YO SHM 43% 70cl

Litran hinta: 14,97€
Maa: Scotland

62,88 €
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Dalwhinnie 15YO Single Malt Scotch Whiskey (SHM) is a Scotch whiskey from the Dalwhinnie distillery, which is located in Scotland, in the Highland region. Here are the characteristics of this unique whiskey:

Aroma: Dalwhinnie 15YO has a delicate and subtle aroma that combines notes of honey, vanilla and sweet fruits such as apples and pears. There are also delicate floral notes, as well as subtle smoke.

Taste: The taste of this whiskey is full and balanced. After the first sip, you can feel the sweetness of honey and caramel, which turns into fruity notes, especially apples and pears. Vanilla and oak give it smoothness and a delicate spice. There are also some nutty notes.

Finish: The Dalwhinnie 15YO has a long and warm finish. Glistening notes of honey and oak linger on the palate, with subtle smoky notes on the finish, giving it a bit of spiciness.

Method of production: This whiskey is aged for at least 15 years, allowing it to develop its full flavor and aroma. It is distilled twice, which contributes to preserving its delicacy.

Usage: Dalwhinnie 15YO is a whiskey ideal for tasting in its pure form, usually without the need to add water or ice. You can also experiment with choosing the right cigars or dishes that will be complementary to her taste.

History: Dalwhinnie is one of the highest distilleries in Scotland, 326 meters above sea level. This place gives the whiskey its characteristic note of freshness.

Dalwhinnie 15YO SHM is a whiskey appreciated for its delicacy and subtlety, which makes it an excellent choice for whiskey lovers who appreciate refined and mild flavors. If you're looking for a Highland whiskey with a rich history and great taste, Dalwhinnie 15YO is sure to be a worthy choice.