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Citylife Lime Vodka 50cl 40%

Citylife Lime Vodka 50cl 40%

Citylife Lime Vodka 50cl 40%

Litran hinta: 19,57€
Maa: Estonia

9,79 €
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Citylife Lime Vodka - Fresh Wind of City Life in Every Glass!

Discover a New Dimension of Taste

Citylife Lime Vodka is an extraordinary combination of the taste of city life with a refreshing lime note. This vodka was created for those who value freshness and energizing taste.

What makes Citylife Lime Vodka so special?

Refreshing Lime Taste: Our vodka is a real paradise for lime lovers. The delicate, natural note of lime goes perfectly with the purity and clarity of vodka.

Great for Cocktails: Citylife Lime Vodka is the perfect ingredient for creative bartenders and cocktail lovers. It will revive your favorite mixtures and give them a unique taste.

Unique Design: Our bottle is not only a source of refreshment, but also a stylish accent at any party. Its design is as unique as its content.

Citylife Lime Vodka - For People Who Live in the Rhythm of the City

This is a vodka for those who value every moment of life and want to celebrate it in a unique way. It's the taste of freedom and unlimited possibilities.

Discover the Fresh Taste of the City

Citylife Lime Vodka is not only alcohol, it is an invitation to discover the city anew. It's an opportunity to explore and express your lifestyle.

Taste life. Taste Citylife Lime Vodka.

Citylife Lime Vodka - Freshness, Energizing Taste, City.