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Casa Marrone Primitivo 14% 300cl BiB

Casa Marrone Primitivo 14% 300cl BiB

Casa Marrone Primitivo 14% 300cl BiB


Litran hinta: 11,39€
Maa: Italy

34,18 €
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Discover the intensity of flavor and the richness of aromas with Casa Marrone Primitivo 14%. This is a wine that will take you on a journey through deep shades of flavor and sensual experiences.

Immerse yourself in the aromas of ripe fruit, spices and delicate oak that spread in the bouquet of this wine. The taste of Casa Marrone Primitivo is sensual and balanced, offering a combination of intense fruitiness with elegant tannins.

Let this wine accompany you in special moments, romantic evenings or meetings with friends. Casa Marrone Primitivo 14% is an offer for lovers of red wines with a deep character. Discover the full flavor of Casa Marrone and enjoy every glass.