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Bumbu Rum & Ko 40% 70cl

Bumbu Rum & Ko 40% 70cl

Bumbu Rum & Ko 40% 70cl


Litran hinta: 12,79€
Maa: Barbados

53,70 €
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Bumbu Rum & Ko is a flavored rum that is part of the Bumbu Craft Rum series. Here is a brief characterization of this product:

Alcohol Content: Bumbu Rum & Ko has an alcohol content of 40%, which is the standard level for many types of rum.

Flavored Rum: Bumbu Rum & Ko is part of the flavored rum category, which means it has been enhanced with various aromatic ingredients to give it a unique and distinct flavor profile.

Aromas and flavors: The product is characterized by a wealth of aromas and flavors that have been carefully selected to ensure a pleasant experience. You can expect a variety of notes, such as vanilla, caramel, spices, tropical fruits and other additions.

Origin: Bumbu Rum & Ko is part of the Bumbu Craft Rum series and the Bumbu brand is known for creating exclusive and varied rums from around the world.

Label and packaging: A bottle of Bumbu Rum & Ko usually has a distinctive and attractive label that refers to the brand's rich history and authentic heritage.

Usage: These types of flavored rums can be enjoyed as tasting drinks, but are also often used in cocktails to add a unique and complex flavor.

To sum up, Bumbu Rum & Ko 40% is a flavored rum from the Bumbu Craft Rum series, characterized by a variety of aromas and flavors. Its distinctive flavor profile and attractive packaging attract rum lovers who want to try something new and unique.