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Brugal Ron 1888 40% 70cl Fl

Brugal Ron 1888 40% 70cl Fl

Brugal Ron 1888 40% 70cl Fl

Litran hinta: 75,97€
Maa: Dominican Republic

66,28 €
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Brugal Ron 1888 is an elegant rum produced by the Brugal distillery, which is located in the Dominican Republic. It is a luxurious rum that combines tradition and innovation. Here is a brief characterization of this product:

Alcohol Content: Brugal Ron 1888 has an ABV of 40%, which is the standard level for many aged rums.

Maturation: The number "1888" in the name refers to the year the Brugal distillery was founded. This rum is the result of a blend of various rums that have been aged for periods of 5 to 14 years in oak barrels. The long aging time affects the complex taste, aroma and color.

Aromas and flavors: Brugal Ron 1888 is known for its refined and balanced aromas and flavors. In its flavor profile, you can sense notes of caramel, vanilla, dried fruit, cocoa, nuts and subtle spice accents.

Origin: Brugal is one of the most famous rum distilleries in the Dominican Republic, with a long history dating back to 1888.

Label and packaging: A bottle of Brugal Ron 1888 often comes in elegant packaging that emphasizes the exclusivity of this rum. The label and design refer to the tradition of the brand.

Usage: Brugal Ron 1888 is recommended as a tasting rum to enjoy its complex and deep flavor. It is also a unique ingredient for cocktails and drinks for people who appreciate its unique character.

In conclusion, Brugal Ron 1888 40% is a luxury rum from the Dominican Republic that combines the tradition and experience of the Brugal distillery with an innovative approach to rum production. Its complex taste and exclusive presentation make it the choice for rum lovers looking for a unique taste experience.