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Braastad XO 40% 100cl

Braastad XO 40% 100cl

Braastad XO 40% 100cl

Litran hinta: 15,30€
Maa: France

91,78 €
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Treat yourself to a luxurious taste with Braastad XO 40% - a cognac that will conquer your senses. Its deep color and complex bouquet of fruit, spice and oak aromas will take you on a journey full of unique sensations.

Braastad XO 40% is a combination of exceptional elegance and intense taste. Perceptible notes of dried fruit, figs, vanilla and delicate caramel accents create an extraordinary taste experience. Its velvety texture and long finish will provide you with a moment full of unique emotions.

Taste it in the company of loved ones or in a moment of relaxation to celebrate the uniqueness of the moment. Braastad XO 40% - is a cognac that introduces you to the world of exceptional taste and luxury.