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Black Velvet 40% 100cl

Black Velvet 40% 100cl

Black Velvet 40% 100cl

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Maa: Canada

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Black Velvet is a popular Canadian whiskey with an alcohol content of 40%. Here are the characteristics of this brand:

History: Black Velvet is a whiskey brand that has a long history dating back to 1946. This whiskey is distilled at a distillery in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Aroma: Black Velvet has a mild and pleasant aroma. You can expect notes of vanilla, caramel and delicate fruit notes. It is a fragrance that promises a mild and pleasant taste.

Taste: The taste of Black Velvet is a continuation of what its aromas promise. It is a whiskey with an exceptionally smooth and mild taste, which makes it very accessible even to those who are not experienced whiskey lovers. You can expect notes of caramel, vanilla and soft oak. It is also a low tannin whiskey, which makes it exceptionally delicate.

Summary: Black Velvet is an ideal whiskey for people who prefer milder and easier-to-pick liquors. It is an excellent proposition for everyday use, both for tasting in its pure form and for use in cocktails.

Usage: Black Velvet is often chosen as a base for various cocktails, especially those with a sweet character. It is also suitable for drinking on ice, which emphasizes its mildness.

Popularity: Black Velvet is very popular both in Canada and in international markets. It is available in many countries and appreciated for its quality and affordability.

All in all, Black Velvet is a whiskey with a mild flavor and aroma, which is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an accessible and pleasant drink for everyday tasting or for use in cocktails.