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Absolut Pears 40% 1L

Absolut Pears 40% 1L

Absolut Pears 40% 1L


Litran hinta: 36,08€
Maa: Sweden

36,08 €
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Absolut Pears 40% is one of the flavored varieties of Swedish Absolut vodka, which is known for its purity and quality. It is part of the wide range of flavors produced by the Absolut brand and has a unique pear taste. Here are some features that characterize Absolut Pears 40%:

Origin: Absolut Pears is a product of the Swedish company The Absolut Company, which is known for producing the highest quality vodkas. The Absolut brand has a long tradition in the production of alcohol.

Natural Ingredients: The vodka is made from natural ingredients such as winter wheat and pure water from a spring in Ahus, Sweden.

Aroma and Taste: Absolut Pears has an intense pear aroma that is sweet and juicy. The taste is delicate, clearly pear-like and refreshing.

Production Process: Vodka is distilled multiple times and then flavored with natural ingredients, including pear extract. This process guarantees the purity and clarity of the product.

Cocktails: Absolut Pears is perfect for preparing fruity cocktails. You can use it to prepare classic cocktails such as "Pear Martini" or "Pear Fizz", as well as experiment with your own mixtures.

Global Popularity: Absolut Pears is available worldwide and is appreciated by alcohol lovers for its quality and authentic pear taste.

Bottle Design: The Absolut Pears bottle retains the iconic Absolut brand design, with an all-caps label and distinctive logo.

Absolut Pears 40% is a vodka with a distinct pear flavor, which adds an interesting flavor to cocktails and drinks. This is a product often chosen by people looking for aromatic and fruity vodkas. However, remember to drink alcohol in moderation and follow legal alcohol restrictions in your region.