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ABK6 Cognac XO 40% 70cl GB

ABK6 Cognac XO 40% 70cl GB

ABK6 Cognac XO 40% 70cl GB

Litran hinta: 31,57€
Maa: France

204 €
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Discover the ultimate taste of luxury with ABK6 Cognac XO 40%! This 40% alcohol cognac is the quintessence of a refined experience that will highlight your special moment.

ABK6 Cognac XO is a combination of a deep aroma of ripe fruit, delicate notes of spices and a complex oak character. Its taste is a harmony of rich fruit accents, subtle caramel and vanilla notes, creating an unforgettable palate experience.

Enjoy ABK6 Cognac XO alone to celebrate a unique taste, or serve it in the company of loved ones to celebrate special moments. It is a cognac that defines luxury and quality, perfect for true connoisseurs.