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ABK6 Cognac VS 40% 100cl GB

ABK6 Cognac VS 40% 100cl GB

ABK6 Cognac VS 40% 100cl GB

Litran hinta: 9,18€
Maa: France

83,28 €
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ABK6 Cognac VS 40% is a unique cognac from the Cognac region in France, which is distinguished by its excellent taste and aroma. It is produced with attention to quality and tradition, representing a high standard of distillation.

In the aroma of ABK6 Cognac VS 40% you can see fruity notes, such as ripe peaches and apples, which combine with delicate floral and oak accents. On the palate, this cognac presents a harmony between the sweetness of fruit and delicate notes of vanilla and almond.

ABK6 Cognac VS 40% is perfect for solo tasting to fully experience its richness and complexity of taste. It can also be a base for creating unique cocktails and drinks. For cognac lovers who value excellent quality, elegance and tradition, ABK6 Cognac VS 40% is a noteworthy choice.