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99 Rosas Rose 13,5% BIO 300cl BiB

99 Rosas Rose 13,5% BIO 300cl BiB

99 Rosas Rose 13,5% BIO 300cl BiB


Litran hinta: 5,12€
Maa: Spain

15,38 €
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99 Rosas Rosé 13.5% BIO" is a rosé wine with unique characteristics. The name may suggest that it is an organic (BIO) wine, which can affect the way grapes are grown and wine is produced.

This wine shows a delicate pink color, typical of rosé wines. In the aroma, you can expect fresh and fruity notes, such as red forest fruits, strawberries and cherries. The wine can also carry floral notes that add subtlety to it.

The taste of 99 Rosas Rosé 13.5% BIO can be light and crisp, with a well-balanced acidity. There may be flavors of fresh fruit in it, and the finish can be pleasantly long.

If the wine is labeled "BIO", it means that the grapes have been grown and the wine produced according to the principles of organic farming, which minimizes the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

99 Rosas Rosé 13.5% BIO is an offer for people who appreciate pink wines with a natural character, which combine freshness and fruitiness with ecological ethics.