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Somersby Pear 4,5% 24x33cl

Somersby Pear 4,5% 24x33cl

Somersby Pear 4,5% 24x33cl

Price per liter: 2,48€
Country: Denmark
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19,67 €
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Somersby Pear 4.5% is a cider-type alcoholic drink with a pear flavor. It is a light and refreshing drink that is very popular among cider lovers. Here are some features that characterize Somersby Pear:

Taste and Aroma: This cider has a distinct pear flavor that is sweet, juicy and slightly fruity. This taste is balanced by light acidity, which gives the drink a pleasant harmony of fruit flavor.

Alcohol Percentage: Somersby Pear has an alcohol content of 4.5%, making it a light alcoholic drink. This is a popular choice for those who prefer drinks with a lower alcohol content.

Packaging: The product is available in various types of packaging, including bottles and cans, which makes it convenient to carry and serve at various events and occasions.

Cold Serving: This cider tastes best chilled, so it is often served over ice and a slice of lemon or lime. Cooling emphasizes the freshness of the fruit's taste.

Occasions: Somersby Pear is perfect as a drink for summer gatherings with friends, picnics, outdoor events and other social occasions.

Alternative to Cocktails: This cider is an alternative to traditional fruit cocktails and is a ready-made drink that does not require mixing various ingredients.

Popularity: The Somersby brand is known for producing various flavors of cider and is popular in many countries. The Pear version is often appreciated by those who like fruity flavors.