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Some Zin Zinfandel 14% 300cl BiB

Some Zin Zinfandel 14% 300cl BiB

Some Zin Zinfandel 14% 300cl BiB

Price per liter: 11,39€
Country: USA
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20,28 €
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Discover the richness of flavors in every sip with Some Zin Zinfandel 14%! It is a red wine with a power of 14%, which attracts with the intensity of aromas and unique character.

Some Zin Zinfandel 14% is a real treat for lovers of deep notes of red fruit, such as juicy raspberries and sweet strawberries. In addition, the perfect balance between spicy notes like pepper and cinnamon creates an unforgettable taste experience.

This wine perfectly accompanies evenings full of flavor and relaxation. It suits both social meetings and romantic dinners. Some Zin Zinfandel 14% will delight your taste buds with a unique combination of intensity and harmony.

Treat yourself to a moment of taste delight with Some Zin Zinfandel 14% - a wine that sets a new standard in sensual experiences.