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San Matias Tahona Anejo 40% 70cl

San Matias Tahona Anejo 40% 70cl

San Matias Tahona Anejo 40% 70cl

Price per liter: 135,98€
Country: Mexico
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San Matias Tahona Añejo 40% is a Mexican tequila from the Añejo category, which means that it has been subjected to long-term aging in oak barrels, which gives it a rich color and developed flavor. Here are some features that characterize San Matias Tahona Añejo 40%:

Origin: San Matias Tahona Añejo is produced in Mexico, in the Jalisco region, which is considered the cradle of tequila. The San Matias Distillery has a long tradition of producing this classic Mexican alcohol.

Ingredients: San Matias Tahona Añejo Tequila is made from blue agave, the basic raw material for tequila production. Blue agave is hand-picked on the distillery's plantations.

Aging Process: A key element of the tequila production process is long-term aging in oak barrels, which usually lasts from one to three years. This process gives it a deep color and developed flavor.

Taste and Aroma: San Matias Tahona Añejo has a rich flavor with notes of vanilla, oak, caramel, nuts and spices. The aroma is complex, with clear notes of fruit, vanilla and wood.

Cocktails: Añejo tequila is often consumed neat or cold to enjoy its rich flavor. It can also be used to prepare cocktails, especially those that require long-aging tequila.

Bottle and Design: The San Matias Tahona Añejo bottle has a traditional Mexican design that highlights the quality and roots of the brand. The distinctive label contains information about the origin of the tequila.

Global Popularity: San Matias Tahona Añejo is appreciated by tequila lovers for its ripeness and rich flavor. It is considered a premium product and is popular among connoisseurs.

San Matias Tahona Añejo 40% is a tequila that is perfect for tasting and celebrating special occasions. Its long aging process gives it a unique depth of flavor, which makes it popular among tequila lovers who appreciate the quality and richness of aromas.