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Prohibido Silver Rum 40% 70cl

Prohibido Silver Rum 40% 70cl

Prohibido Silver Rum 40% 70cl

Price per liter: 19,27€
Country: Mexico
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12,81 €
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"Prohibido Rum Silver 40% - Discover the Forbidden Adventure of Taste!

Enjoy a unique experience with Prohibido Rum Silver 40%, a rum that takes you to the world of forbidden adventure and captivating taste. It's not just a drink - it's a journey to the times when the ban was an excuse to look for unique taste and mysterious aesthetics.

Basic Features:

Purity of Silver: Prohibido Rum Silver 40% is a tribute to elegance and purity. With every sip you will experience the delicacy and subtlety that define real silver.

Intense Aroma: Wrap yourself in the rich bouquet of aromas that emanate from this rum. You can feel the notes of vanilla, honey and delicate oak, which create an unforgettable fragrance experience.

Exceptional Smoothness: Prohibido Rum Silver 40% is an encounter with smoothness and harmony. Each sip is a journey through delicate flavors that create a perfect dance on the palate.

Prohibition inspiration: This rum is not only a drink, but also a tribute to the times of prohibition, when forbidden fruits tasted the best. Prohibido Rum Silver 40% combines heritage and modernity.

How to Consume It:

Prohibido Rum Silver 40% is perfect as an aperitif, served on ice or as a base for creative cocktails. Add some lemon juice and create your own forbidden paradise.


Prohibido Rum Silver 40% is full of history, elegance and unique taste. It's not just alcohol - it's a journey in time and space that will delight your senses. Discover the forbidden adventure of flavor now!