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Panda Gin 40% 50cl

Panda Gin 40% 50cl

Panda Gin 40% 50cl

Price per liter: 77,86€
Country: Belgia
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38,93 €
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"Panda Gin 40% - Discover the World of Taste with Elegance"

Are you ready for a unique journey through the world of gin, where tradition combines with modernity and the taste is tailored to the demanding palate? Get to know Panda Gin 40% - a gin that provides unrivaled taste sensations in an elegant version.

Flavor Harmony:

Panda Gin 40% is a refined gin that combines traditional ingredients with a modern approach.

Subtle notes of juniper and herbs create a harmonious flavor mixture.

High quality:

Distillation is based on carefully selected ingredients, which translates into quality that will be appreciated by gin connoisseurs.

The high alcohol content (40%) emphasizes the intensity of the flavor.

Perfect Both Solo and in Cocktails:

Panda Gin 40% is a gin that tastes great neat, with ice or as a base for classic and innovative cocktails.

It inspires creativity in the world of mixology.

Tasting Opportunities:

This gin is a perfect choice for an evening with friends, a romantic dinner or special occasions that deserve a unique taste.

Panda Gin 40% is a gin for those who value elegance and quality.

Join us on a Journey through the World of Taste and Try Panda Gin 40%!